Elevate Your Mission with AMPO’s Strategic Planning

  • Human-Centered Approach: AMPO’s strategic planning centers around your organization, targeting four critical areas: Operations, Fundraising, Programs, and Vision for comprehensive development.
  • Innovative Strategic Planning Portal: Access your customized, dynamic portal featuring a Comprehensive Data Center, Intuitive Goal Tracking, and a Resourceful Report Hub.
    • Flexible Planning Models: Choose from diverse models tailored to your needs:
    • Organizational Playbook: In-depth planning involving staff, board, and clients over several months.
    • Planning Huddle: Focuses on a single program or challenge, led by a key leader for concrete outcomes.
    • Game Call: Offers fresh perspectives for complex strategy issues.
  • Transformative Journey: With AMPO, strategic planning becomes an innovative and collaborative experience, propelling your organization forward.

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