Amy Pokela

Visionary Leader in Nonprofit Excellence

Diverse Nonprofit Expertise: Amy’s journey spans various roles – from leading nonprofits to teaching as an adjunct professor, culminating in her success as a businesswoman. Her diverse experience offers a deep understanding of mission-driven organizations.

Strategic Planning Innovator: Amy views strategic planning as a dynamic balance between visionary thinking and practical execution, advocating for continual adaptation and growth in organizations.

Philanthropy Artist: Her fundraising approach goes beyond transactions, emphasizing authentic connections, understanding donor motivations, and fostering a culture of philanthropy.

Donor-Centric Philosophy: Amy champions transparency, accountability, and aligning fundraising with organizational values for lasting donor relationships.

Storytelling and Communication: She believes in the power of narrative and clear communication in conveying an organization’s mission and vision.

Influential Speaker and Mentor: As a sought-after consultant, Amy empowers organizations to navigate change and achieve objectives.

AMPO’s Founder: Amy’s leadership in AMPO is about providing strategic tools for nonprofits, focusing on fund development, strategic planning, and training, reflecting her extensive and impactful career.

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